Become the Street Photographer you've always wanted to be

Street Photography is HARD!  Anyone can buy a camera but...

  • Is it the right gear for street photography? 
  • Isn't it awkward to point that camera at random strangers?
  • How are you supposed to find interesting subjects in the street?
  • How do you capture great moments?

It's so hard that many quit: They struggle with their gear, are afraid of approaching strangers, can't find interesting scenes to shoot and sadly end-up wasting a lot of time producing mediocre work or even worse: quitting.

I will help you become that street photographer you've always wanted to be: I'll show you hot to make your gear work for you. I'll help you get over your fear of photographing strangers. I'll show you how to look for the most interesting scenes and capture that decisive moment successfully. 

Shoot Street Like a Pro


    Learn proven techniques to photograph strangers in the street without fear


    Get foolproof methods to spotting street scenes and capturing the decisive moment


    Learn to edit like a pro to pick your best shots and get the secrets to winning photo contests

What does the Masterclass include?

Never has an online Street Photography class been so comprehensive

  • Watch dozens of exclusive detailed videos (10 hours+ in total)

  • Practice assignments to master every technique

  • Take quizzes to test your knowledge

  • Participate in community discussions reserved to enrolled students

  • Submit questions privately to the instructor

  • Get access to private coaching and portfolio reviews (Additional charges apply)

Meet Your Instructor

Dotan Saguy

Dotan's photographs have been published by National Geographic, The Guardian, The Los Angeles Times and many others. Dotan teaches street and documentary photography workshops for Leica Akademie. His first monograph about the endangered culture of Venice Beach, CA was published by famed German publisher Kehrer Verlag in 2018 and awarded Bronze by the prestigious Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2018-19. Dotan's second book scheduled to be released by Kehrer Verlag in 2020 documents the everyday life of a family of vehicle dwellers with their three young children on the streets of Los Angeles.

Workshop Testimonials

"Dotan has assembled the ultimate method to create great street photographs. Unlike other teachers who throw a laundry list of unconnected tips at you, Dotan gives students a concrete formula that delivers real world results. I have not encountered another teacher who does this." --Ben Skrainka

"Several images I shot during Dotan's workshop now have won awards and i ascribe these achievements to dotan’s skills in teaching. I would take this class again and again." --Diana Feil

"Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, generous, good-humored, always willing to answer questions and suggest new ways of seeing things... I could go on and on."

"Great job. It has renewed my faith in the value of a good workshop."


If your question isn't addressed below please contact Dotan at [email protected]

  • How much does the Masterclass cost?

    The price for all 5 modules is $149. This is a bargain for over 10 hours of video content, many quizzes and assignments, access to the class forum, email access to Dotan for questions, etc.)

  • Can I use the class on any device?

    You will have full access to all the material (videos, quizzes, etc.) on any device you like. You can use the class on your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. You can even use multiple devices and your progress will be saved across your devices.

  • Will the instructor provide one-on-one feedback?

    This is a pre-recorded class so there is no live instructor. However, Dotan is available via email to answer any additional questions you may have.

  • What are the 5 modules of the class about?

    Module 1: Choosing the best street camera+lens for YOU using objective criteria (not hype).

    Module 2 Approaching and photographing strangers without fear.

    Module 3 Finding opportunities in the street and assessing their potential.

    Module 4 Composing street shots like a pro and capturing peak moments.

    Module 5 Picking your best images objectively, making them look their very best and winning contests

  • Why pay for this Masterclass when there are plenty of street photography tips available online for free?

    Ever heard of the quote: "If you're not paying for something, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold"? Free content is not always good advice and is often produced with a hidden agenda such as selling you something or profiting from you in some way (ad viewing on Youtube for example).
    The techniques you'll learn in this Masterclass have been carefully curated and pedagogically presented to maximize your progress. Their effectiveness has already been proven by your instructor in top-tier photo workshops. In other words you're paying for the fastest, surest way to becoming the best street photographer you can be and that's well worth the price of admission. After all you get what you pay for.

  • How much content is included in the Masterclass?

    Expect over 10 hours of video clips describing in detail all the actionable techniques you need to learn, quizzes to test your knowledge assignments you'll practice in the field, worksheets, and other reference material. Never has an online street photography class been so comprehensive!

  • Can't find your question?

    Contact Dotan Saguy, your instructor, at [email protected]

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